Photo ops, panels, signing sessions and meet & greets with your favourite Teen Wolf actors



Photo ops, panels, signing sessions and meet & greets with your favourite Teen Wolf actors


Official schedule will be available at the convention: Vrijdag* REGISTRATION FRIDAY 27 July 2018. Registration will be in between 16.00-20.00. Vip passes ✖️Registration 16.00-17.00 Pack passes ✖️Registration 16.00-18.00 Pup passes 0-50 ✖️ Registration 16.00-17.00 pups 51- 100 ✖️ Registration 17.00-18.00 Pups 101-500 ✖️ Registration 18.00-20.00 Please do not come early to queue as that causes problems for the hotel and Continue Reading

photo ops /photo shoot

At a photo op one of our convention photographers will take a picture of you with your favourite actor in a professional studio. The pictures that are made will be printed at the convention, so you can take them straight home and show everyone.

Once an actor has been announced, and we know the prices, the prices of autograph ops of this actor can be found in the webshop after you've logged in. Prices will vary depending on the actor.

About the photo ops

How does this work?

Everyone who has bought a photo op with an actor will be called according to pass and number. V.I.P.’s will go first, after them the Pack passes, followed by the Wolf passes and finally the Pup passes will go. If you have a photo op with an actor you will patiently wait until it's your turn. When it is your turn, you will be picked up by someone from our staff and brought to the line for the photo op. There you'll wait until you're next in line. When it's your turn, you will place your belongings that should not be in the picture, such as your purse, in the designated place to keep them safe. You will show your photo op ticket when our staff asks for it. When your photo has been made you will leave the area immediately.

What different photo ops are there?

There are single photo ops with one actor. Duo photo ops with two actors.
And there are group photo ops with more than two actors.

How do I know when it's my turn?

The photo ops will be in order of the passes. So your category and your pass number will be called when it's your turn. A staff member will assist you.

Can I give gifts during the photo ops?

No, there's no time for that during the photo ops. You can give a gift during the signing session.

Can I ask the actor to do a particular pose such as a kiss or a hug?

Our staff will let you know per actor what you can and cannot ask for. This may depend on how an actor feels. Since this can depend on the moment this can only be indicated just before the shoot.

Can I bring accessories to use at my photo op?

You can bring small accessories. It will be determined during the shoot by the staff if the actor is willing to use them. This also depends on the moment.

Can my friend (s) and I take a picture together with one ticket at a photo op?

No, if you want to be in the picture together with a friend and an actor, you will both need a ticket for this photo op.

Can I or a friend take pictures or film during the photo ops?

No, photographing and filming is strictly prohibited in the area where the photos are taken.

Can I talk to the actor during the photo op?

Of course you can talk to the actor and specify how you want your picture to be taken. However, this is not the time or place to have a whole conversation, because that causes others to wait longer or not get their turn at all. If it takes too long, our staff will indicate this.

I have several photo ops with one actor, do I have to do them all at the same time?

If the actor is doing photo ops on both days, this is not required. Your category will be called on both days and you can divide the photo ops over both days.

Can I change during the photo op?

There is no dressing room. If you wear multiple layers of clothing, you can take off the top layer quickly. For example, it is possible to take a picture with and without a coat.

Where and when can I get the photos that were taken?

The picture is taken and printed during the convention. So you can take your photos home immediately after the convention. It still has to be determined where you can pick up the pictures.

Can I also get my pictures digitally?

After the convention it will be possible to buy a digital version of your pictures in our shop.