Photo ops, panels, signing sessions and meet & greets with your favourite Teen Wolf actors



Photo ops, panels, signing sessions and meet & greets with your favourite Teen Wolf actors

The twins will be coming to Amsterdam in 2017

Amsterdam! See you at @WolfCon1 Kusjes! 👅🐺 pic.twitter.com/DiurjIeXFy — Charlie Carver (@Charlie_Carver) May 9, 2017

Autograph ops / Signing session

The signing sessions are perfect for a face to face chat with the actors of your favourite TV series and you'll have even the possibility to give them a gift, if you would like to.
And of course, they sit there, to sign something for you.
Remember that they are only allowed to sign official products of the series,  The Con Factory or WolfCON (these are also for sale at the convention).

Once an actor has been announced, and we know the prices, the prices of autograph ops of this actor can be found in the webshop after you've logged in. Prices will vary depending on the actor.



About the signing session


How does this work?


To get access to the signing session you will need to have bought an autograph op.
Everyone who has bought an autograph op will be called according to pass and pass number.
V.I.P.'s will go first, after them the Pack passes, followed by the Wolf passes and finally the Pup passes will go.
If you have an autograph op with an actor you will patiently wait your turn.
We will announce when it is your turn to go depending on your pass.
When it is your turn you will be picked up by someone from our staff and be brought to the line for the signing session.
When you are the next in line, you will place your belongings that are not allowed in the signing area on a designated place to keep them safe.

You will need to show your autograph op ticket when our staff asks for it.
When you have collected your autograph, you will join the next line, the staff will assist you with this.
When you have collected all your autographs, you will leave the room.

What items can I have signed?

The actors will only sign official The Con Factory / WolfCON merchandise or official MTV / Teen Wolf sign merchandise.
Examples are DVDs, posters, cards, etc.
Our staff will check this and if you do not abide the rules, you'll risk having to hand over the signed item.
Of course you can bring your own items to have them signed as long as it meets with the regulations.
If you don't have anything to have signed you can buy items at the convention.

Do I get multiple autographs with only one ticket?

No, an autograph op is for one autograph only. If you want multiple autographs, you have to buy several autograph ops.

I have several autograph tickets with one actor, do I have to use them all at once?

Yes, it is important that you get all the signatures in the same session, in succession.
If you don't do this, then you'll risk that you will not get a second chance, and then you'll have purchased your ticket in vain.
Of course this does not apply to tickets bought on Saturday after the first signing session. These autograph ops are automatically for the signing session on Sunday.
However, when the autograph ops are sold out, there will be no additional autograph ops for sale on Saturday.

Can I determine what the actor writes?

No, the actor will decide what he or she writes. If they want to use your name, the staff will ask you for it.

May I also request an autograph for friend (s)?

Yes, of course, but you will need an autograph op ticket.

Can I give the actor a gift during the signing session and if so what should I be aware of?

Yes, during the signing session you may give the actor a gift. The actor will have a gift box in which he can collect it. Please note that your gift isn't too big. These are awkward to carry in the plane. When there will be any further requirements regarding the gifts, we will let you know here.

Can I talk to the actor during the signing session?

Yes, the signing session is the best moment to have a brief chat with the actors. Note however, that more people are waiting. If the conversation takes too long, the staff will tell you.

Can I take photographs or make films during the signing session?

No, photographing and filming is strictly prohibited in this area. If you do so, you'll run the risk to be asked to leave the area. This may lead to you not getting your autographs anymore.