Photo ops, panels, signing sessions and meet & greets with your favourite Teen Wolf actors



Photo ops, panels, signing sessions and meet & greets with your favourite Teen Wolf actors

Volunteers and vendors 2016

We are looking for volunteers to help us during our Wolfcon Conventie. Are you intrested please mail to volunteers@theconfactory.com in English. Please tell us why you would be perfect for the job. What kind of wolfcon pass you have or want to buy. (if it is your first time that you volunteer at wolfcon you will need to have a Continue Reading

Meeting Rooms

In the meeting rooms you can chat with your favourite actor in an intimate setting. In a meeting room a maximum of 20 fans are allowed, so you are with a small group and you all have plenty of time to get to know your favourite actor a bit better.

Once an actor has been announced, and we know the prices, the prices of autograph ops of this actor can be found in the webshop after you've logged in. Prices vary depending on the actor.




About the Meet & Greets

How does this work?

For the meet & greets with the actors you are divided into groups. This will be indicated at the convention.
Someone from the staff will ensure that you will be present at the meet and greet. The meet & greets are very intimate, in a closed room where you can chat with the actor.
When the whole group has entered the room, the actor will come.
When the meet & greet is over, remain seated until the actor is gone.
Then you can go back to your place in the main area.

How will I know when it's my turn?

At the convention it will be clearly indicated when it's your turn.
We will only know this after making the schedule. If the actor has multiple meet & greets, we'll let you know during which meet & greet you are expected.

How long is the Meet & Greet?

A meet and greet will take about 30 minutes.

How many people will be attending a Meet & Greet?

At a meet & greet up to 20 fans will be present.

Can I give a gift during Meet & Greet?

No, you can only give gifts during the signing session.

Can I ask for an autograph during the Meet & Greet?

No, if you'd like an autograph of the actor, you have to buy an autograph op for the signing session.

Can I take pictures or film during the Meet & Greet?

No, it is not permitted to take pictures or to film during the meet & greet. If you want a picture with the actor, you can buy a photograph op.
If the actor wants to take a picture or a selfie with you, with his own camera or phone, he or she will indicate this. You cannot ask for this.

Can I ask questions during the Meet & Greet? If so, what questions?

Yes, for these questions the same rules apply as for the panels. So you cannot ask about the private life of the actor. It can be possible that they feel uncomfortable about this. Our staff will make sure everyone present will have the opportunity to ask a question.