July 2018

Photo ops, panels, signing sessions and meet & greets with your favourite Teen Wolf actors


July 2018

Photo ops, panels, signing sessions and meet & greets with your favourite Teen Wolf actors


In de komende maanden, de aanloop naar Wolfcon, kan je Scavenger Points verdienen door onderstaande opdrachten uit te voeren. De spelregels: Om te bewijzen dat je een opdracht voltooid hebt post je een filmpje of foto op instagram of twitter. (LET OP per opdracht, niet meerdere opdrachten in een post) Gebruik in je tweet de hashtags #wolfcon #tcfhunt. Tag @theconfactory Continue Reading


Official schedule will be available at the convention:


Registration will be in between 16.00-20.00.

Vip passes ✖️Registration 16.00-17.00

Pack passes ✖️Registration 16.00-18.00

Pup passes 0-50 ✖️ Registration 16.00-17.00

pups 51- 100 ✖️ Registration 17.00-18.00

Pups 101-500 ✖️ Registration 18.00-20.00

Please do not come early to queue as that causes problems for the hotel and you will be send outside if it is not your turn yet. To make sure it will run more smoothly it is important to come when it is your turn. Coming a little later is not an issue. You can ask our staff to escort you to the right desk then.
Please be advised the registration on friday is for everyone unless you have a pdf ticket stating otherwise. If you come at another time without an permission pdf there will be additional costs.

If you are joining the pressevent you are allowed to registrate earlier if you have to leave before your registration time.

*** Do not come before the exact times and cause queues in the hotel lobby
*** If you come outside the scheduled registration times without a valid permission from us, be aware that you might have to pay an additional administration fee.

The registratie is for everyone, so you always have to registrate on friday in order to get your pass, bracelet and extras. (if there are any issues with this you can email annette@theconfactory.com
Alternative options are available untill 13th July or untill all slots are filled.

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